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Yog dhyan Badri Temple


The Yogdhyan Badri Temple is as old as the temple of Badrinath. Pandukeshwar is 24 kms from Joshimath , it has the Yogdhyan Badri temple one of the panch badri . The image here, in a meditative posture, is worshiped as at Badrinath.

According to the myth, the Pandavas made over Hastinapur to Raja Parikshit and retired here. Also king Pandu, the father of Pandavas had spent his last days doing penance here before his Nirvana, and hence the name. Some famous copper plate carrying old inscriptions,

providing valuable information on the history of the temple and early Katyuri Rajas have been found here. The surrounding region is Panchal Desh better known as UttarKhand. Suryakund , which is on the top of Milam glacier, is a hot water spring. Here Kunti is said to have given birth to Karna, fathered by Surya. Pandu married Kunti at Pandukeshwar near Sri Badrinath.