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Gopinath Temple


gopeshwar which is 10 kms from Chamoli . The temple is topped by a dome and 24 doors leads to the sanctum sanctorum , which is 30 sq. feet in area. There are several broken idols around the temple which support the theory that in ancient times there were several more temples in Gopeshwar.

In the courtyard of the temple there is a trident about five metre high made of eight different metal dating back to the 12th century, bears inscriptions attributed to Anekmalla, king of Nepal who reigned in the 13th century. another inscriptions records the erection of a royal edifice by him in Saka 1113 (A.D. 1191) .

Four shot inscriptions of later times, in Devanagri, are cut into the metal of the shaft but only one of them is decipherable.

The legend goes that the trident belonged to Shiva who threw it at Kamdeva ( The God Of Love) to kill him and it got fixed in this spot. It is believed that while brute force can not move this Trident , the slightest touch by a true devotee can cause a tremor in it. The metal of the trident does not appear to have become weathered by the elements over the century.